Natyasaraswathi- Dance School

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  • March 16, 2016

Natyasaraswathia non-profit organization was established in 1997 contributing the field of art undertaking unique festivals and events like KuchipudiNrithyotsav and Nrithyabharathi with support from govt bodies like ICCR,kannada&culture,Andhra Pradesh cultural affairs,BharatiyavidyaBhavan.

She  directed dance dramas like GeethaGovindam,Mohinibhasmasura,Shiva Ganga,Kaarunya Rama to list a few along with participation in national,international  festivals and event.

Her contributions in India and abroad includes workshops,lecture demos,dance recitals, ballets, choreographies and benefit concerts in major parts of India, Europe and USA every year.

Her love and committment to the art probed her to learn other styles also like Bharatanatyam,Mohiniattam,kathak,Manipuri dance forms from eminent guru.

Dream Child of Dr Saraswathi is NATYASARASWATHI Dance school. Known now world over.